Important Update: Status of Claims Review

The Claims Administrator has completed their review of all claims submitted on or before September 24, 2023, and the deficiency period has begun. “Deficiency letters” were sent out via regular mail or e-mail to individuals whose claims are missing certain essential information or documents.

If you received a deficiency letter, please provide the requested information or documents to us as soon as possible but no later than the deadline set out in your letter. If you do not respond to our request by the deadline in your letter, it may impact: (i) your eligibility to receive benefits and/or (ii) the amount of money you receive.

For more information on how to submit the requested information or documents, please review the FAQ page.

Following the end of the deficiency period, the Claims Administrator will review the additional information and documents provided. Decision letters will then be sent to all claimants.

Case Information

The claims deadline was August 25, 2022. The final date to submit a late claim was September 24, 2023. It is no longer possible to submit a late claim.

For all other case related information, please visit the FAQ page.

To view a copy of the Settlement Agreement, Distribution Protocol, Updated Buyout Table and other documents, please visit the Documents page.